Magnolia in a big clay pot

early evening at new Trummen

I want to talk about the small magnolia in the big clay pot, but as I am looking at its deep green, large, thick leaves I mention instead all the vicious lies, political and social, the atrocious murders across borders, the wars, the refuges, the fear to live in a cynical world, fear to react in an already fearful climate, in the gap of classes, the schisms of ignorance and unwillingness, the muteness in front of responsibilities, the running away from responsibilities, the fear for the future, the earth reacting, the skies reacting, the technology stalking, exploiting perplexity, fear and paralysis, the languages and bodies and personalities penetrated by programmatism and hacking. All the unforgiving, uninsightful, unempathetic, compassionless, dreading of otherness shouting and whispering, the social awkwardness and irresolution. This is my robust catalogue of robust words about people on thin ice, humanity on thin ice. On this leafy balcony just when the affirmation is coming from an everywhere, from a past, present and future. A slender breeze from a slice of blue sea.

Vasilis Papageorgiou